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Change your life with Pilates

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Pilates is a physical and mental training system created at the beginning of the 20th century by Joseph Hubertus Pilates, who created it based on his knowledge of different specialties such as gymnastics, traumatology and yoga; combining dynamism and muscular strength with mental control, breathing and relaxation.

In its beginnings it was called Contrology, by Pilates himself, because it emphasizes the use of the mind to control the body, but seeking balance and unity between the two. The method focuses on the development of internal muscles, especially our "abdominal girdle" to maintain body balance and give stability and firmness to the spine, which is why it is widely used as rehabilitation therapy and to, for example, prevent and cure back pain, although it is also used in high-performance training, since the range of possibilities it offers us is enormous.


Let's practice!

Here are some tips and advice for your Pilates practice. It is important that you perform the exercises correctly to get the most out of each one of them, and above all so as not to injure yourself

In these tutorials you will find Pilates exercises grouped according to different objectives. You can also find exercises with Ball, Ring and Elastic Rubber.


Pilates Pre / post natal

The practice of Pilates during pregnancy and after childbirth is highly advisable, since the exercise can be adapted to each moment of pregnancy according to needs, and in the postpartum period it is especially indicated for the recovery of both the pelvic floor and the transverse muscle.

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