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Belly Dance represents beauty throughthrough of its undulating movements as well as strength and passion.

It is a dance that gives   many benefits to those who practice it and is open to anyone who can enjoy it regardless of their age or physical condition.

In the classes  we work on postural correction to seek the elegance of our movements and avoid injuries, as well as technique and interpretation.

Aysel, Director of BodyBCN-Danzarabic and Pilates teacher, teaches Oriental Dance classes, has trained with great artists and danced on national and international stages, as well as creating and directing her own shows.

He was a member of the professional Ballet of Óscar Flores for two years, participating as such in several shows and performances.

The traits that best define her are the passion and affection that she emits in the classes and towards her students.students/ students. The imagination and creativity in the dance, the effort and work and the feeling of warmth that it transmits.

Her style is defined by her technique and elegance, and her performances with elements, such as the veil and fans, are especially well known.




Teacher and professional dancer of Belly Dance, she began in Oriental Dance in 2006 in an Argentine artistic academy.

In 2013 she was part of the Munique Neith Professional Ballet, during that period she trained with various international teachers and in 2018 she was part of the Óscar Flores Dance Company.

She is currently a teacher and organizer of the BellyBarna event, which brings together dancers from all over Spain in order to enjoy dance.
Johana Lozada

Johanna Lozada

Johanna Lozada, teacher of Oriental Dance, plastic artist, yogini  and professional dancer, experienced her first approach to Oriental dance in  Bogotá (year 2000),_cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ como alumna y  profesora en la academia  PREMSHAKTI, mostrando énfasis  hacia los aspectos energéticos y restaurativos que son potenciados a through this discipline.
She continued training as a teacher at the SARABI academy until 2013. She has been incorporating disciplines such as contemporary and lyrical styles.

Johanna combines the practice and teaching of oriental dance with artistic creation, the practice  and the teaching of yoga and photographic creation. 
Marta Ers



In the early 2000s in San Diego, California, "a new dance" emerged whose style was inspired by Hip Hop and modern dance, emphasizing flexibility and freshness, a new trend with headdresses and a dance-influenced aesthetic. India and other dances and places. This type of dance is characterized by isolations and muscular control.

Our Tribal Dance teacher, Marta Eres, a performer in her beginnings, studied rhythmic gymnastics, classical oriental dances and folklore until she reached ATS and tribal fusion.

She also traveled through other dances such as flamenco, hip hop or ballet, dances that inspire her and help shape her style. 

Teacher of Tribal Fusion and oriental dances since 2005.​ Researcher of Eastern philosophies, she immerses herself in the study of Yoga, a fact that leads her to travel to India to study and deepen this path and to qualify as a teacher through Yoga International Alliance.

Creator of Integral Dance for Tribal Fusion®, 2013





Contemporary dance arises as a reaction to more classical styles and probably as a need for the body to express itself freely.


In its beginnings, an alternative to the strict technique of classical ballet was sought, it was at this time that the first dancers were seen barefoot and making less rigid jumps on stage.

In the classes, we work from a technical basis and provide students with different movement tools, seeking a free and fluid choreographic composition.

Our Contemporary teacher begins her professional artistic career as a dancer in high-level companies in Cuba such as: Codanza, Danza Contemporánea de Cuba DCC and Acosta Danza as a founding dancer, directed by Carlos Acosta.


He has worked with national and international choreographers such as: Sidi Larvi, Christopher Bruce, Justin Peck, George Céspedes, María Rovira, Goyo Montero, Rafael Bonachela, Susana Pous, Alexis Fernández (maca), Jorge Crecis, among others, interpreting numerous creations in theaters of Cuba and the world.


She is currently an independent dancer in Barcelona and teaches modern and contemporary technique, classical, salsa, pilates 


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