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Oriental Dance, Raqs Sharki, Belly dance or also called Belly Dance is the scenic evolution influenced by ballet and other dances and currents of various Middle Eastern dances.
Oriental dance is characterized by movements of the hip and torso, soft and undulating but also strong and dry. In the classes we work on postural correction to seek the elegance of our movements and avoid injuries, as well as technique and interpretation.
Folklore is also worked, and elements such as veils, fans, saber, etc...


In the early 2000s in San Diego, California, "a new dance" emerged whose style was inspired by Hip Hop and modern dance, emphasizing flexibility and freshness, a new trend with headdresses and a dance-influenced aesthetic. India and other dances and places.
The Tribal Fusion, currently known as "Fat Chance Bellydance" or FCBD Style, is a type of oriental dance, for which modern music such as electronic fusions and other types of more current songs are often used. This dance is characterized by isolations and muscle control.


Contemporary dance arises as a reaction to more classical styles and probably as a need for the body to express itself freely.

Its origin dates back to the end of the 19th century. In its beginnings, an alternative to the strict technique of classical ballet was sought, it was at this time that the first dancers were seen barefoot and making less rigid jumps on stage.

The classes work from a technical basis and provide students with different movement tools, seeking a free and fluid choreographic composition.
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